Selling Your Home

It's important to work with an experienced REALTOR® when selling your most valuable asset. Selling your home takes preparation, ORGANISATION and professional marketing.

There are many ways I will help you sell your home.  For more detailed information please view my complete Informed Home Seller's Guide below.

* Pricing is a real art.  The biggest factor in determining how quickly your home sells is the price, and deciding that price is trickier than it seems.  It takes experience and even 1% more for your home can mean thousands to your bottom line.

* Negotiating is hard.  Not just hard to do, but it can feel uncomfortable.  If you want someone to negotiate fearlessly on your behalf, you need an agent.

* Marketing is more than MLS.  To get the most for your home, you need as many buyers interested as possible.  According to, 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts.

* Showings and paperwork are a pain.  There's more to the legal side of a home sale than you might think, and showing your own home is not only awkward, it can really complicate your schedule.

I am able to take away the burden of all these things and will work to get your home sold for the best price in the fastest time.  

Please tell me about the property you're looking to sell, using the form below or by contacting me directly. Let's get started!

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