Selling in a Balanced Market

A Balanced Market – means your home will need to stand out and here are some thoughts to get you noticed!

Millennials (age 18-35) are a large population of buyers in Canada right now. 
Adding features or staging to appeal to this generation may help to sell faster.

If you are a very particular buyer, you can consider searching for your new home

first and negotiating a long closing to allow time to sell your present home.  In

some situations, you can purchase your new home with a condition on the sale

of your present home.


If you need a predetermined selling price to finance your new purchase, you may

want to consider selling first.  Then you are clear on what your purchasing power is.

You get only one opportunity to make a super first impression.  Make sure the front

of your house is looking it’s best.  Manicured lawn, flower boxes, lighting, street number – 

don’t underestimate the power of “stop the car honey!” curb appeal.

When inventory matches the number of buyers, those buyers tend to be pickier about

the price they are willing to pay.  Really price your home correctly from the start.

In a balanced market, buyers can be frightened by minor renos or repairs.  If possible, 

have these taken care of before listing your home, or alternatively, have professional

quotations available to prospective buyers.

Start packing now!  Go through each room and pack or purge about 50% of your “stuff”. 

Boxes can be stacked neatly in the basement, garage or storage unit.  Potential buyers 

want to see large airy rooms and envision their own “stuff” in the rooms.

Consider having a pre-list home inspection done.  This can help to identify any minor or

quick fixes that can be done and you can also make the report available to prospective

purchasers.  This takes away any possible worries for the buyer and also may eliminate

renegotiating the price after a buyer completes his home inspection.

Incentives can also be considered if you want to stand out against the competition.

Examples would be prepaying property taxes, seasonal lawn service, or paying condo

fees for six months.  Try to think out of the box and what your target audience would

consider of value.

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