Final Inspection Challenges

Final Inspection Challenges

Buyer says to me……. “No need for a final walk-through of our new home – we're swamped with bank and lawyer appointments. We'll grab the keys on Thursday

If you're not up for a final inspection, I'll happily handle it myself. Why? Here are a few things I’ve encountered on final inspections before closing day.

The seller moved out on the weekend, so we are doing a walk-through on Tuesday. We check that all the inclusions, such as appliances, are still there and are the same ones that were there when we purchased. We open the fridge and it’s dark and warm. We pull it out and see that it is plugged in. We unplug it and then plug it back in. Still not working. I make a call to the selling Realtor and ask if she is aware of any problems. She calls her sellers and yes, they are aware that it broke down just last week. After some more discussion, we reached out to the buyer's lawyer and let him handle compensation for a new fridge.

Vacant century home and we were doing a final walk-through a week before closing. On the upper level in the primary bedroom, the carpet was damp.

Then we could feel the one wall also felt wet and we suspected there was a leak in the roof as we had some rain over the past few days. We had a home inspection done, so knew there weren’t any issues evident at that time.

Called the listing agent and he came out right away. He made arrangements with a roofer to correct right away and again, the lawyers handled the required adjustments.

The buyer purchased a lovely 10-acre property in which approx. two acres surrounding the home were trimmed and grass cut. The outer area was left natural or had trees. A few days before closing, we drive in and the grounds have not been cut for about a month. It was now too high even for a mower and would require a large tractor to cut. As well, one of the outbuildings was full of garbage. Closing was delayed by 3 days so the seller could contract people to come out and remove garbage and clean up the grounds. The expectation is to receive the home/property in the same condition as the day we purchased it.

Almost at the finish line……worth a few hours of my time to be sure everything is in order.