Take Into Account the Whole Offer

Take Into Account the Whole Offer

You have done everything to make your home look its best and accommodated all showing requests. FINALLY, you have received an offer and you are excited and nervous at the same time.

Your realtor will walk you through the offer page by page and will discuss what all the terms and conditions mean.

The offer price is on the very first page, and often sellers get fixated on this number and don’t pay attention to the details of the balance of the offer.

There are multiple pieces of importance in an offer, and the price is just one of them. It is important to remember this and you want to take into account the WHOLE offer.

This past year has emphasized the importance of quick closings and large deposits as the market changed quite quickly.

Conditions have become normal again, and these should be completed promptly. Financing is a likely condition and you can ask the questions of the buyer’s agent if preapproval has been completed. Do they have a home they need to sell? The agent should be able to provide a level of confidence that financing will be approved.

Closing dates can also be hugely important depending on the circumstances. Have you already purchased and are you trying to line up the sale of your home?

Bridging costs can get expensive so lining up the closing dates can offset a lower offer price.

Inclusions/exclusions can also have value for either side.

Finally, the confidence and professionalism of the buyer agent who brought you the offer can also be something to take into consideration. As an agent representing the seller, I do consider this as that can determine how smoothly things will be, going forward.

In summary, trust your Realtor to guide you through these multiple “currencies” in the offer.