Myth Buster

Myth: Great Houses Can Sell Themselves

Myth: Great houses can sell themselves.
Facts: While it may seem like houses sell themselves in a busy real estate market, this isn’t the case.
It's a common misconception that a fantastic property with outstanding features will automatically attract buyers and sell quickly. While a strong housing market can create more demand, it doesn't mean that homes will effortlessly find buyers without proper marketing and pricing strategies.
All homes, regardless of how great their features are or how hot the market is, need to be marketed effectively.
Effective marketing is essential for attracting potential buyers, even for homes with exceptional qualities. The way a property is presented in marketing materials greatly influences buyers' perceptions and interest. High-quality marketing materials not only capture the property's true essence but also create an emotional connection for potential buyers.
“I’ve often had clients remark to me when viewing homes they didn’t think they’d like the home because the photos and other marketing materials just didn’t do it justice,” 
said Tim Ayres, REALTOR® and salesperson, British Columbia.This statement highlights the fact that even a great property can be overlooked if its marketing doesn't accurately represent its features. High-quality, professional-grade photographs, videos, and even virtual tours are essential tools for showcasing a property's uniqueness and attractiveness.
“An experienced professional REALTOR® will spend the money to ensure a property is presented well: professional high-resolution photos, videos and 3D virtual tours are just some of what it takes to properly market a property.”
Experienced real estate agents understand the significance of investing in proper marketing. They are aware that cutting corners on marketing can result in missed opportunities and a potentially longer time on the market. Professional photos and virtual tours can make a property stand out and create a favorable first impression, which can ultimately lead to more showings and offers.
He continued, “Market knowledge and expertise is also important—even in a busy market, an overpriced property isn’t going to attract the attention it may deserve!”
Even in a seller's market where demand is high, overpricing a property can lead to it languishing on the market. A skilled real estate agent uses their market knowledge to accurately price a property based on recent comparable sales and market trends. Pricing a property too high can deter potential buyers, resulting in fewer showings and longer time on the market.

In conclusion, while a strong housing market can create favorable conditions for selling a home, the idea that great houses can effortlessly sell themselves is a myth. Effective marketing, professional presentation, accurate pricing, and the expertise of a skilled real estate professional are crucial components for ensuring a property's success in any market.