5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Empty walls have their place in a home, and while a crisp, clean esthetic is always a classic choice, sometimes you just want to spruce up your space – or at least a portion of it. The much-loved gallery wall is one of the most tried and true DIY designer trends in the book to do just that!

There’s no one way to do it right. Some prefer a fine-tuned, perfectly measured grouping of similar frames, while others like to switch it up, adding varied frame styles and sizes, and different accent pieces without precise spacing.

If you’re looking for a great do-it-yourself project to tackle this winter, here are some top gallery wall design tips for you to consider:

Use the floor as your sketchpad

Don’t start hanging right away. Get an aerial view of your vision by using the floor as your testing ground; a temporary space to choose your preferred layout, colour scheme, shapes and sizes before fully committing to your new gallery wall. Lay out your pieces a few times until they suit your preference, and don’t hesitate to start over if you don’t like it the first time.

Build out from a focal point

Start by centering around a favourite frame or accent piece to emphasize on the gallery wall. Get a sense of balance, and build your spread from there. Building outwards will help you control the balance and dimensions of the overall design.

Start with the biggest pieces

If you are using a collection of frames in varied sizes, add in your larger hanging pieces first, and use the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. Don’t be afraid to mix different colours, sizes and textures on your gallery wall.

Pick the right colour scheme

Unless you’re going for an eccentric look, try to pick frames, art, photos and accent pieces that match the rest of the space. While your gallery wall is likely to be a focal point of the room, it should fit the aesthetic of the room.

Think beyond photos and art

Consider including elements that aren’t picture frames. Take inspiration from some of the boldest gallery wall artists online and try adding hanging plants, accessories like jewelry and hats, or even a collection of your favourite travel souvenirs. The space is yours to play with.

No matter what you like – and no matter how big or small the space – gallery walls can come together quickly and be among the more affordable options for adding a touch of personal style to your home.

Article courtesy of royallepage.ca