What should i know when staging my home?

Boost curb appeal

To make a great first impression, make sure the outside of your home is neat, tidy, and welcoming. Some things you can do to stage your home this way is to mow the lawn and make sure your lawn isn’t patchy, power wash walkways and house siding, plant greenery if needed (nothing too elaborate, though), paint the front porch and front door if necessary, wash windows, and make sure the house numbers are easy to read. 

Make sure your house is spotless

Although this seems like a given, it’s extremely important. Make sure you deep clean your house, get all the dust out, deep clean carpets, shine floors, vacuum, wipe counters and cabinets, etc. Essentially, clean more than you would just for yourself. Definitely don’t skip this step! Also, be aware of pet scents in your home. You might not be able to tell, but a potential buyer definitely will.  

Get rid of the clutter

You want to make sure your house looks spacious to potential buyers. Even if it feels cozy to you, it’s better to make your storage spaces and rooms look less cluttered. If there is unnecessary furniture, put it away for now.

Change the layout of your furniture

Lay out your furniture in a way that will make it look great for conversation, and entertaining guests.  

Keep closets open!

When searching for a house, everyone searching for a home wants to find closets with lots of space. So, make sure to stage your closet to look like it has plenty of space. A good trick is to only fill your closet 70-80 per cent of the way to make the closets feel bigger and able to hold more things.  

“Extra” rooms and awkward spaces 

We all have that one room that’s a ‘storage space.’ Make it appear to the open-house visitors that the room can have multiple functions. Maybe it can be an extra office, a pantry, an extra bedroom, or a wine cellar! Get creative with it, but make sure to make it look appealing and versatile!  

Room colours 

Did your kids want hot pink and lime green rooms before?  This will definitely scare potential buyers.  Make sure to give those rooms a quick neutral paint do-over to make the rooms more appealing.

Master Bedroom

Make the master bedroom versatile (i.e. appealing to both males and females). Neutral colours for bedding and walls are always a good way to go when staging your master bedroom!