The most common pitfalls of buying a house (and how to avoid them)

To make sure you are prepared for buying a home, here are some common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid, and how to avoid them! Closing issues Is your money all in one place? If you don’t have the money ready for the closing date, you could face serious issues (i.e. legal issues). Make sure all your money is ready in one account for closing. Transferring money from one account to another, especially if it’s in investment accounts, can take much longer than you expect. This will make the home buying process much smoother, so make sure you get the money situation handled ahead of time. Home inspectionsSometimes buyers forget to have a home inspection before they buy their new home. Things may look pretty on the outside, but there could be pluming issues, heating issues, etc. on the inside. Hire an engineer, and electrician, or whatever you need to do – just make sure to have professionals inspect the house before you buy. Sometimes if there are very serious issues lurking in the house, it might be better just to walk away from buying the house. Without that inspection, you might have gotten a very bad deal.  Make sure to hire a lawyerIf you hire a lawyer from the beginning of the home-buying process, you’ll be prepared for any legal or contract issue. Never act as your own attorney in real estate if you’re not a professional. For example, make sure you consult with a lawyer to ensure that everything that you expect to be in the home when you move in, stays there. There are cases of sellers removing toilets from their homes, appliances, chandeliers, light fixtures, and more without the buyer expecting this because it wasn’t noted in the contract. Make sure that before you sign any legal document, you have your lawyer look over it.  Get advice from professionalsTo avoid any future problems, consult with all relevant professionals when buying your home. There will always be little things that you wouldn’t have considered without their help and have a huge impact. You’re already paying for a broker, lawyer, etc. so make sure you listen to their advice!